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Home Insurance

Home Insurance in Wykoff, MN

Homeowners Insurance in Wykoff, Spring Valley, & Preston, MN

A claim on your home can be devastating. We’ll be here to help you through it. We work with over a dozen of the best home insurance companies available to build an insurance package that protects your home and delivers when you need it. Get insurance quotes or contact us to get started now.


Protecting the roof over your head

Home Insurance Coverage Available

Damage to Home
Damage to Other Structures
Personal Property Coverage
Personal Liability Coverage
Water / Sewer Backup Coverage
Jewelry & Collectible Items Coverage
And more

Why Homestead?

Small-town Service
We’re Local
We Compare Insurance Companies For You
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Common Home Insurance Questions

What is scheduled property?

Some high risk types of property have reduced coverage limits on a standard homeowners policy for theft or disappearance. This includes jewelry, furs, art, and other collectibles. If you own collectibles or expensive jewelry, let us know!

Does homeowners insurance cover water damage?

It depends on the source of the water. Damage caused by a broken water heater may be covered. Water damage from a flood or foundation seepage are not covered on a standard policy. If flooding is a concern, you can purchase a flood insurance policy separately.

Helping to Protect What’s Important

and Providing for Who’s Important

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