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Car Insurance

Car Insurance in Wykoff / Spring Valley, MN

Car Insurance in Wykoff, Spring Valley, & Preston, MN

Your car gets you to work, school, and wherever else you need to go. Quality car insurance protection means you won’t miss a beat if an accident occurs. We work with over a dozen of the best auto insurance companies available to find you quality coverage for a great price. Get insurance quotes or contact us to get started now.

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Common Auto Insurance Questions

What is a deductible?

An insurance deductible is the amount you agree to self-insure before your insurance coverage kicks in. $500 is a common car insurance deductible. Say your vehicle was scratched at the grocery store and repairs are estimated to cost $800. If you had a $500 deductible, you’d be able to claim $300 ($800 – $500). Deductibles help keep insurance affordable by reducing the amount of small claims submitted. The higher your deductible, the less your premium should be.

What is no-fault insurance?

When people talk about MN being a no-fault insurance state, it refers specifically to personal injury protection coverage. PIP is mandated by the state of MN and applies without regard to fault in an accident. PIP provides a certain amount of coverage for medical expenses and lost wages that result from an accident. You can still be sued for damages that exceed PIP limits, so it’s important to have adequate liability coverage.

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