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Summer Home Maintenance Tips

Let’s look at a few things to keep in mind this summer season…….

– Before going on an extended vacation: 1.) Shut off water. 2.) Board pets as they can cause damage if left unattended. 3.) Have someone check on your home.

– Clean windows and repair screens.

– Clean and preserve siding, deck, and any play sets.

– Maintain yard with good landscaping and weed control.

– Secure all out sheds/buildings.

– Test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

– Consider outdoor security lighting. This may discourage would-be thieves.

– Don’t leave food laying around outside or inside. This may attract unwanted ants, possums and raccoons.

– Watch for bee hive developments by checking eaves and down spouts.

We’ve been waiting for summer weather, so let’s enjoy it. But, let’s be mindful of a safe home and secure surroundings. 

You should also look to schedule a review of your insurance coverage’s with your agent if it’s been awhile. Here are just a few things to look at; water back-up, pet/animal liability, peak season coverage, and recreational vehicles. 

Enjoy the summer and all it offers!! Steve Rehm





Steve Rehm

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