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Coverage’s in a COLD season

Homestead Insurance and Financial Services

You might want to consider some extra coverage’s on your home/farm and autos this winter season.


Roadside Assistance- Be prepared for a flat tire, getting locked out, or needing a jump start.

Rental Reimbursement- If your auto is in the body shop due to an accident/claim, you might want a replace vehicle.

Full coverage (comprehensive/collision)- You might want to be restored if there is damage to your vehicle.


Equipment breakdown- Coverage from an event causing direct damage from mechanical breakdown.

Weight of ice/snow- Insure buildings from collapse due to ice/snow build-up.

Livestock freezing/smothering- Covers death to livestock caused by freezing or smothering in blizzards or snowstorms.


There are several coverage’s available. Be sure to review your options with your agent before you need it!


Steve Rehm

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