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Coverage on personal property

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Question- “How do I know if there is coverage on my wife’s wedding ring and my firearms?”


Answer- Every basic home insurance policy comes with some personal property coverage. But, a standard homeowner’s policy does not cover all types of property and sets limits on the amounts it will pay for certain types of losses. Jewelry and firearm coverage might limit at $1000 per item and cap at $2000 per occurrence.

Scheduled Personal Property is offered as a rider to a homeowner’s or renter’s policy which provides extra coverage for valuable property items you list. Values higher than $5000 may require an appraisal, but there are many advantages to scheduling your property.

-You can have higher coverages, with a lower or no deductible.

-You can have expanded protection by covering additional risks.


So, for a few dollars more, you can cover those valued items and have peace of mind. Ask your agent about this coverage.

Steve Rehm

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